Share the campaigns of our advertisers in your social network profile, on your web page, or via e-mail, and you get a provision from the sale.  It is not important whether you run a company, you are a student, or you are employed. Everybody who reached the age of 18 can become a partner of Affiliategeorgia.
As partners, we seek especially people who have a positive attitude towards Internet and online shopping. Try Affiliategeorgia if you belong to this group of people; it is free of charge. 

Why register on Affiliategeorgia?

množstvo inzerentov - partneri

Number of products

Our aim is to offer number of quality products. You have the opportunity of sharing products or campaigns to which a provision is attached or the opportunity to share a campaign in which you get a fixed amount of money for a successful registration or approved application form. Besides that, we care about the quality and choose only those products in which we trust.

High provisions

Our focus is to hold our partners’ provisions at a high level.  Recently, the provisions are up to 20% from the whole price of the order. We pay from affiliate marketing program our partners from 50 Gel.

Number of ways how to earn money

Our partners have several options how to earn money. They can share products on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, write an interesting review and post in on a blog or website, send their friends an e-mail about a good product, or use other means which depend on their creativity only. Use the way that suits you most.

Getting started



You fill in the registration form to affiliate marketing program and we send you a confirmation e-mail about a successful registration instantly.


Sharing the products

Select a product that you want to share and share it on social networks, blogs, portals, etc


Earnings via provisions

If anybody who clicked on your link buys a product or registers, you get a provision. After reaching 50 Gel in your account, you can ask for the provision to be paid.

register as publisher

If you decided to become our partner, go for it. The registration to affiliate marketing program is free, and it takes only a moment. Use this opportunity and help companies in bringing quality products to the market.



How to earn money with Affiliategeorgia?

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