How does it work

Our vision, our motivation. Affiliategeorgia is a provisional network that offers an opportunity for earning money online to those people (publishers) who want to share products on their social network profiles or web pages. It helps companies (advertisers) to increase the number of ordered products. Each side profits from Affiliategeorgia; it is a WIN-WIN situation. Our aim is to bring products closer to customers, and at the same time to make the partner a successful “middleman” in the sales process. 

Affiliategeorgia is designed in the way that everyone gets what they seek. Affiliategeorgia is intended for those who are familiar with the Internet environment and want to earn money using it. If you are a blogger, you have a website, or you are using social networking sites, Affiliategeorgia present for you an opportunity for earnings. If you have an e-shop, an online product, or an interesting service you want to sell, you can expand you reach and get to a wider spectre of potential customers thanks to Affiliategeorgia.

How to register on Affiliategeorgia?


  1. Fill in the registration form
  2. Select the campaign you want to share
  3. Choose the way of sharing (image, link, …).
  4. Share
  5. Follow your provisions in the system
  6. Get paid

Register as publisher


  1. Fill in the registration form
  2. We create a campaign  for you
  3. We createa profile page for you
  4. We sign the contract
  5. You can view the sales in the admin mode
  6. Earning money online

Register as advertiser 


Earning money online with Affiliategoergia?

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